Thursday, May 08, 2008

Before kicking that bucket away....

As always coincidences rule the roost… yet again this time with the bucket list… though I can’t remember where, am sure I read thru someone’s blog about ‘THE BUCKET LIST’ as a must see movie, the same day I received the tag from sandeepettan...Now let me share my bucket list ;-)

* To travel the world had been on top priority from long, but for that I require money.

*So let me first start with my career. The first of the things in my list had been an MBA in media/communication management specializing in advertising from a reputed institute. And that dream is coming true with Symbiosis, Pune.

* Next on the chart is to get placed in an AD agency of repute long before completion of the course, which hopefully will happen with all your prayers.

* Then comes the real game of life, of starting an AD agency of my own, maybe after working fro 2-3 years and I get bored with work, or maybe sooner, even before I join the company. ;-). No ideas about that for the moment.

** So keeping all this apart, there is a small dream I treasure - To start a small evening school in my village, where though I never intend to teach physics and chemistry, would focus on a unique initiative of giving refined education in English to a few young students who are inclined and interested to learn the subject.

*** To pen just ONE book is one daydream that would hopefully cease being a dream for long.

* Supposing that I receive money from all available quarters , i will go globetrotting with my SLR. First to those places I missed to inspire myself with, within INDIA. Meet the people, discuss, exchange ideas, enjoy the cuisines, involve in their culture. Then to some great cities from yore, kicking off with Paris, later to a culturally rich and huge city called Istanbul/ Constantinople. Later see the pyramids of Egypt…Roman masterpieces and a 100 places more... :-)
Then arrives the following little things to be done intermittently...;-)
* I wish to tour a concentration camp for once.
* I wish to catch a fish and release it too.
* I wish to eat fresh grapes, pick fresh coffee beanz, pluck tender tea leaves from Darjeeling, pick apples from Kashmir and more…
* I wish to go scuba diving, take some corals from the sea in Lakshadweep.
* And a long remaining fantasy, - Go to a nudist colony and be naked.

Lots more to be added in this list, & so this may get updated month by month irrespective of the constrains I face as I surge forward.
This I believe will be the leading lamp to guide me through my ambitions, hopes, aspirations desires and dreams.

Thanks to sandeepettan who lent me this novel idea to keep track of my own life’s little purposes. Am I too late to have done this is the only question that perturbs me. But nothing is late in life is a policy I uphold. And since there is no place for regrets in life, I wish forever to travel in the journey of life with fun and awe, laughter and giggle, smiles and tears, all encapsulated in one.

AND I TAG - **** Cherian ( if he hasn't done this yet), ** *Sarin, ** Maria & * Devidas