Monday, August 11, 2008

SIMC salutes you...

She is Sweta Mantri, another of my SIMC’ian friends. But she is special. Guessing what makes her earn this special niche on my blog?? Let me confess that she is one of those very few who earns so much of respect from the depths of my heart.

A source of inspiration to all the fellow travelers, a tough character in the script that destiny engraves. An icon of strength, courage and determination. An example of resolve to battle any of the strongest odds pitted in life.

In front of her stands fate guilty and ashamed, losing the battle of tenacity, not just once but an umpteen no of times. Her ever smiling visage that makes the face of a sullen destiny hide humiliated.

And as does her Orkut profile say:

“I would take a deep breath n enjoy new challenges. I believe in beating d worst by d best!!”

Way to go dear, conquer the zeniths, attain the pinnacles of glory, we all love you a lot.


Darpan Majumdar said...

Absolutely true Rejil could not agree with you more. And when I met her parents they were an inspiration in themselves. Sweta's and uncle and aunty rocks! and I wish her all the best in her life and I know she is going to rock on.

Midhun said...

A short blog that shines like a star, just because it has been dedicated to Sweta- our friend and classmate. From my limited resource of knowledge the only thing I can say is that she is a personification of will power and determination and blessed with a loving heart. Each word I typed here is from the bottom of my heart and just because of that I cant key-in anymore.

God bless you Sweta. All the best to conquer heights the heights of fame & glory.

DJ said...

AGREED boss and the sheer determination on her face that says "bring it on" an the smile that shows her confidence to achieve it.

Robin said...

I have great respect for this humble human being.....she is a sweetheart and absolute pleasure to talk to....I am in awe of her ability and her never say die attitude.......An inspiration for many!!!

Nishant Roy said...

It was raining like crazy yesterday. I was sitting on the edge of the benches in the canteen with Modhuporna & Nitin, with our cold feet on the seats. The chairs were all wet and we all were shivering. Shweta was right there, with no place to seat. I tried searching for a dry chair for her and there she guessed it without me saying anything. "Nishant its ok. I do not wish to sit."
She stood there, while we sang. She sings beautifully, though only in a mono tone as she said. :) "Aey zindagi galey lagaale. Humney bhi tere har ik gham ko galey se lagaya hain, hain na?" I can never forget her contemplating eyes when she was singing this number. Shweta, keep smiling. As Rejil said, that smile, no matter from which remotest corner it comes from, fighting any trace of grief, gives us an inspiration-an inspiration to keep going and that too without any melancholy on the face!

Aishwarya said...

I couldn't agree with you more if I tried.... I think Shwetha is the most amazing person and her heart is bigger than She would listen to all your mundane problems and actually empathize with you... Her heart is probably the most beautiful thing about her... That's what makes her the prettiest girl in SIMC....

Sweta said...

Hey Rejil..
I dunno what to comment! M jus so outta words ..
For the first time in ma life someone has done somethin as sweett as this for me.. N m touched!! I had no idea I had touched anyone's life this way...
Can do nothing but say a small Thank You ..
Thanks a ton for this special thing and for all of you who replied!
Still gotta achieve lots in life n I hope I find you people there as my friends with me!
Lotsa Love!

Evita said...

Im outta words, n wont even try cuz im quite sure i'll never be able to string them together the way i feel right now.
Shweta - u are the rockstar!
Rejil - great post, u are a treat.

Nitin said...

mantri(one o my best friends) ...le'me tell ya sth u'll never get to hear frm me in person (lolz kiddin) me,u truly are a source of inspiration...d one person who's determination to go ahead n do wht she wants to continually reflects
the very essence of the oft-quoted word "passion".

She's a name tht'll resonate with SIMC forever...keep it goin' mantri...

It's been gr8 knowin' u n m always thr for u !

Mavron said...

Sweta definitely is an inspiration for all of us....n yes when u see her tenacity, d amount of cribbing we do seems so shallow...way to go sweta...luv ya..shine on ;)

P.S Rejil thanks for writing this :) :)

Rejil Krishnan said...

absolutely dear..Had remembered to appreciate her parents, but forgot to pen them before the final post... Thanks reminding us... :-)

A big thanks from me and sweta...


yes...she is the PERFECT mascot fr 'BRING IT ON' IN LIFE...

great example from those many little examples she showcases every day... Thanks a lot..

Sweta doesnt like her name to be spelt wrong..u r supposed to pay a fine on her b'day... A CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM MONGINIS!!!

wait a lil more and there will be everything ur heart desires, arranged on ur platter, sliced and deliciously served.ALL OF US WILL BE WITH U ALWAYS IN LIFE.
i should thank you for everything...

YES!! there are no words that can measure the magnitude of worth she treasures.

Right man.. thanks...

U said it all...The cribbing we do for missing the trivialities in life isn't?


Thanks a lot ma'm..

astha hemant said...

Hey Regil, All i want to say is that it is difficult to cope up with the difficult schedule of Lavale SIMC....It is only people as determined and true hearted like Shweta which gives us the courage and inspiration to look forward to another day in this place with friends like her in our hearts and minds....:)

Sweta said...

More than a year has gone by and a lot of things have changed .. a lot still remain .. and that is your love and support..
I want to extend my heart felt gratitude to everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support that I have received in the last from you all..
This blog is very close to my heart and will always be one of the most special gifts that I've ever got..
I've always read this blog in my times of trial during the last year and it has definitely given me inspiration to go ahead ..
Today as I will turn a year older in a few minutes, I'd want to thank Rejil and to all those who contributed to make this the most precious gift of my life!

Love always!